Our Story

Bio Noe

Noe Villalobos is the CEO and heart behind Western Opals. A professional opal cutter dedicated to bringing the highest quality Opals to his customers worldwide, he meticulously works to showcase the unique qualities of each piece. Western Opals offer both wholesale and retail opals of the highest quality. Each piece offered is truly one-of-a-kind.

Most of our opals come directly from our family-owned and operated mines in Magdalena, Mexico. We occasionally source from other mines, but we always guarantee only first hand, quality opals. Pieces not sourced in our mines will be noted as such in our product descriptions.

Creative Team

Kevin Williams brings over 15 years of professional experience in internet technology, design and website development. As our Chief Technical Officer, he is dedicated to improving the user experience of our brand, online store and future applications.

Kevin has been family to Western Opals since his visit to Mexico in 2017. He developed our first web portal and today he also overseas our brand, press and editorial releases.

We’re Committed to Excellent Customer Support

Daniel Kane is a heart and soul centered musician, sound practitioner and creative focused on Western Opals community outreach and customer support.

Daniel joined the Western Opal family during his trip to Mexico in 2017 and also serves as our Digital Content Producer and Editor.


Build a brilliant career at Western Opals. We offer a creative work environment and we are occasionally looking for talented individuals to join us. If you are Jeweler, Content Producer and want to be a part of our team, email your resume to careers@westernopals.com.

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